Children’s development can be systematically accelerated

When we explain the foundations of our philosophy to our parents, we often support their explanation by
presenting the story of the “floating baby”, which we place immediately in the environment, where it floats in the air, without light and sound. He then asks them what they think would happen to a newborn if they were simply left in such an extreme environment. Then everything usually becomes clear to them and they start giving very meaningful answers:

“Of course, if there was no light, the baby would have no desire for movement that would eventually lead him to an upright walk.”

“If he were constantly silent, he probably wouldn’t have any desire for audio communication to lead him to speech through development.”

“If he hadn’t touched anything, he wouldn’t have developed the complex manual skills that would eventually lead him to write.”

There are even more such considerations, and for the most part they make a lot of sense, only perhaps a little simplified.

Fortunately, the story of the “floating baby” is fictional, and newborns usually begin to intensely absorb information from the environment through the senses immediately after birth. Of course, sight, hearing and tactility are the most important, but we must not neglect smell and taste. All this received simple information is processed in the brain, first at lower, later at higher brain levels, from simple information by processing more complex.

Vision leads children to the highest function of reading, hearing to full comprehension of speech, tactility to very precise tactile identification. Motor functions also develop. From a simple grasping reflex the function of writing develops, from a baby’s cry at birth speech develops, the movement of the limbs at birth emanates into an upright walk with a cross pattern. All of this happens on average by the age of six. This period is when the baby develops the fastest and outside of this period you will not find an individual’s life span when the baby would develop at least about as fast. This is therefore the most important period for the child’s development, and since the child is not an independent person during this period, we parents are responsible for the fact how this period will take place for the child.

The situation with the “floating baby” has already been tested on animals by scientists. Animals exposed to a stimulatory sensory environment grew faster, had greater muscle mass, a larger brain, and better developed motor functions than those retained in an environment where sensory stimulation was modest. Therefore, if we believe the story of the “floating baby”, which would develop very slowly in the aforementioned conditions, and at the same time take into account the fact that children exposed to an average stimulating environment develop on average fast, we can conclude that the child with above-average stimulation developed above-averagely rapidly. And that’s actually true.

Dear parents, I have good news for you. Children’s development can be systematically accelerated. This can be achieved with a planned, comprehensive approach, where we introduce various sensory and motor stimulations into the child’s everyday life, as well as stimulations for intellectual development and the acquisition of social skills. All this can be supported by a healthy diet and a child-friendly environment that provides optimal conditions for the child’s progress. The main role in this is, of course, played by you, the parents who know your child best. Your task is to connect yourself, your child, his educators, teachers, doctors, relatives in a synchronous group that will work towards the maximum developmental progress of your child. I am convinced that this news is particularly encouraging for parents of children with developmental delays.

In doing so, you will of course face many challenges. One of them and very important is how you will convey the intended stimulation to the child in a friendly and pleasant way. Once you have mastered these skills, it will all become an enjoyable game for the child and for you, and the progress of the child’s development will begin to unfold at an accelerated pace.

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